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Aardvark Engineers is a Civil Engineering firm that looks at all of the features of your site to identify the most cost-effective approaches for using the existing soil, rock, water and topographic features to enhance constructability and reduce costs.  Our due diligence services include the environmental site assessments, soil survey reviews, and preliminary geotechnical explorations.

Environmental Site Assessments

An assessment of potential environmental contamination has become an integral part of almost every real estate transfer.  We approach our assessments as a team member, safeguarding the interests of our clients by holding principal the need to properly define indications of potential environmental hazards.

Soil Survey Reviews

As a developer or builder, you probably know of construction projects on which time and money were lost because of unforeseen soil hazards.  During your due diligence period, Aardvark Engineers can review preliminary soil surveys to help you anticipate soil hazards at proposed construction areas and plan for optima development.  

Preliminary Geotechnical Explorations

While working with your design team, our geotechnical consultants will provide cost effective ways to help identify favorable sites through file searches, geologic studies and visual reconnaissance.

Due Diligence Services